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Wet feet while driving, not ideal!


A problem we see regularly at Russell Automotive Centre is a water leak inside the car. But lately due to the heavy rain we have seen this problem even more often.

The problem is usually caused by the chamber area underneath the windscreen called the plenim chamber becoming blocked by old leaves and a build up of dirt.

Water leaking into car causing puddles under the carpet

The plenim chamber is an area that normally holds the battery and some control units.
Water is allowed in this area but should drain out through the drain holes. When the drain holes become blocked the water just builds up and has nowhere else to go but inside the car.
This causes the carpets to become very wet and electronic units to be water damaged.
The end result is that the entire carpet needs to be removed and allowed to dry. The inside of the car needs to have all the puddles of water removed. All the electronics that sit on the floor of the car need to be checked for water damage.
What can I do as the driver to stop this happening to me?
The best thing you can do is try not to allow a build up of old leaves under the bonnet. When you have the bonnet open try and remove all the old leaves from the area around the lower part of the windscreen.
Unfortunately the plenim chamber drain holes are not easily accessible and cannot be easily unblocked.
If you need a plenim chamber check please give us a call at Russell Automotive Centre, London’s Leading Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and Bentley Specialist.
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