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Top Tips not to get stuck in the snow this Christmas


Don’t get stranded in the snow this Christmas!

So your presents are all bought and annual leave booked.  All there is to look forward to now is relaxing with the family or friends, eating too much and watching all the Christmas specials on TV.

So you load your car up with gifts and set off on your journey.  Perhaps just a few miles away of a few counties away.  Would you be disappointed if your car broke down?  Would you berate yourself for failing to do a few simple checks.  It’s easier than waiting for the breakdown recovery service to find you on Christmas day!

Stuck in snow this Christmas

Here are a few tips  to try and prevent a ruined Christmas!  (It won’t help with any  turkey cooking disasters so perhaps use the cooker timer properly!)

10 top tips to get you ready for winter which you may not have thought about.
1. Carry an ice scraper and de-icer spray.
2. Ensure there is the correct amount of antifreeze in your cooling system.
3. Ensure your washer bottle is topped up with water and screen-wash solution to stop it freezing.
4. Check wiper blades and replace if worn.
5. Check tyres, 1.6mm is the legal limit 3mm minimum is recommended. Also check for signs of uneven wear.  Click here for a short how-to video
6. Have car battery checked and be aware of engine turning over slowly when starting.
7. As with all times of the year regularly check all the fluid levels.
8. Make sure your car has been serviced and maintained up to the correct level.
9. Check all lightbulbs are working
10. Things to keep in your car just in case!! Mobile phone charger, waterproof/warm coat, gloves, boots, torch, water, chocolate bar, shovel, warning triangle, hi-visibility vest.

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