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Inspection & lubrication service

Details of our inspection and lubrication service are as follows:

  • Check front and rear lights
  • Check horn
  • Top up screen wash bottle
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check front (and rear) wash and wipe system and adjust jet settings
  • Check coolant strength and level (minimum -25C)
  • Check power steering fluid level
  • Add fuel & oil system cleaning solutions (optional)
  • Visual look over top of engine compartment for obvious faults
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter
  • Check tyre tread depths
  • Check front and rear brake pad wear
  • Reset service indicator
  • Stamp paper service book
  • Complementary Wash & Vacuum
  • Check operation of interior and glove box lights
  • Visual check of airbags for signs of exterior damage
  • Check battery
  • Carry out full diagnostic check of all compatible control units and list any faults
  • Lubricate door hinges, boot hinges and bonnet catch
  • Check tyre tread depths, condition and set correct pressures (including spare)
  • Check engine and components from above for leaks and damage
  • Check alternator belt, power steering belt, air conditioning belt (if all fitted)
  • Visual check of timing belt (if accessible type)
  • Visual check of braking system for leaks and damage
  • Check front and rear wheel bearings for excessive wear
  • Check shock absorbers and suspension springs for leaks and damage
  • Underside of engine check for leaks and damage
  • Manual/Auto gearbox check for leaks and damage
  • Manual gearbox, and Auto gearbox with dipsticks check oil level
  • Front suspension check all bushes and joints for excessive wear and damage
  • Rear suspension check all bushes and joints for excessive wear and damage
  • Rear final drive (if fitted) Check for leaks and damage
  • Steering joints check for excessive wear and damage
  • Drive shafts check joints for wear and damage
  • Underbody protection check for damage
  • Exhaust system check security and for leaks and damage
  • Carry out road test

We use genuine manufacturer parts on your vehicle ensuring peace of mind and a two year warranty.



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  • One of the best independent garages I have come across. Will definitely continue the relationship. Thank you for the fantastic service. ”

    Abdul A - July 2013 London
  • I had a very complicated problem with my audi a3, in regards to a problem with the EGR valve. I felt that RussellautomotiveCentre customer experience was excellent...

    Hiran P- July 2013 London
  • Thanks to Russell Automotive Centre for fantastic service, honest advice, quality work and value for money.

    Graeme J - July 2013 London
  • Every motorist needs a trusting/reliable garage to turn to and I think I’ve found mine. I would recommend Russell Automotive Centre to any motorist.

    Maurice C - April 2013 London
  • Perfect service and professionalism from the staff at Russell Automotive Centre

    Angus C - March 2013 London