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How beautiful autumn leaves can be a hidden nuisance for car owners


They look beautiful but autumn leaves can be a real nuisance for drivers. London’s Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and Bentley specialist Russell Automotive Centre tells us how to avoid problems.


It’s well and truly autumn now and that suits me fine.  It’s a beautiful scenic time of year and a personal favourite of mine.


Love nature, live lightly, so the proverb goes.  But when we’re frolicking in crunchy leaves on a weekend tramp through the woods, I bet the last thing on most of our minds is what a hidden nuisance those gorgeously colourful leaves can be to car owners!


So here’s a couple of tips to bear in mind.


If you park outdoors, try not to park under trees to avoid falling leaves landing on your car.  If they do, clear them away regularly so they don’t turn to mulch, paying particular attention to the gulley where the bottom of the windscreen meets the bonnet.


We’ve mentioned this before, but people often come to see us with water leaking into their car. This happens when the drain holes in the plenim chamber – the area under the windscreen – get blocked by an accumulation of old leaves and dirt. Then rainwater can only drain into the car’s interior, leading to soggy carpets and damaged electronic units.


This can be fixed by removing the carpet to dry, sucking out the surplus water and checking all floor-level electronic units for damage.  Much more hassle than simply clearing a few leaves off the windscreen, I’m sure you’ll agree!  But if you think your drainage holes might be blocked, come on in and we can check the plenim chamber for you.


Also bear in mind that those lovely russet leaves can conceal road markings, block drains and cover potholes.  And the more they pile up, the slippier they become, especially in damp autumnal conditions. So take care not to skid when turning or braking.


If you use a little caution when you hit the road, you’ll get to enjoy safe driving and the pleasures of the season in happy harmony.


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