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Hope for female car owners – at last a good experience!


As a woman, top of my priorities when I opened Russell Automotive Centre was to make sure it was a comfortable place for ladies to bring their cars to.

Most garages are male dominated places which can be daunting for women when they walk through the doors and I simply refused to accept that this has to be the case.


Women tell us all the time that when they bring their cars to Russell Automotive Centre that they feel comfortable, cared for and understood. They aren’t patronised or made to feel foolish.


I’ve been told so many stories by female friends, and customers, of terrible experiences in less reputable establishments where the garages take advantage of their lack of knowledge about cars. It can make some women defensive from the outset and that is never a good emotion to have when you are making decisions about possible safety aspects of your car.


We want all garages to talk to their customers in non-technical terms and in a way that in no way pressurises people carry out any repairs to their car. That is why, here at Russell Automotive Centre, we offer a female friendly environment. We have a kiddie table with toys, books and games and even a ride on Audi to keep children entertained if you choose to wait while your repair is carried out.


We also have a video link to show customers around their car and point out and explain the issues being discussed. We think a lot of people prefer a visual explanation rather than just a verbal one.
At Russell Automotive Centre we never pressurise, patronise or exploit our customers; male or female. It makes us sad to think that women have had bad experiences in the past. There is hope our there and we think it begins with us!
Here’s what some ladies think of the garage!
I have known Jane for many years. Jane is amazing and has a never ending passion and enthusiasm for whatever she does. She has excelled at marketing her business, Russell Automotive Centre. They have now won several awards. I only hear good things about Jane from other people and her business is going from strength to strength! I would recommend Jane’s company for all your car servicing and repair needs J. Ibbott.
Russell Automotive is my car’s best friend. Jane and her team ensure that my vehicle is in tip top condition and this means that I can run around the country seeing my interior design clients and running the projects with minimum disruptions. I love the fact that they are positive people no matter what my car chokes up!!” G. Alderton.

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