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DAB radio in the car

DAB stations
DAB / Digital radio stations

Want DAB radio in the car?  You shall have it!

Digital radio or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)  is a digital radio technology used for broadcasting radio content.  Until recently it wasn’t available for vehicles  currently on the road but now more and more divers are choosing to install it.

Why would you want DAB radio in the car? Well some stations are only available on digital radio. One example is  Absolute 80s (being a child of the 80s I just love it!)  Absolute cater for all ages with Absolute 90s and 00s and many more.

Now you might be starting to feel frustrated that you can’t listen to the stations you love that always play Culture Club, Michael Jackson, Madonna and all the other great rockers of the 80s whilst in the car?

One answer is to buy a brand new car and tick the option box for a DAB radio.   However If you didn’t want to buy a new car we can now upgrade your old FM RDS radio!

At Russell Automotive Centre in Kingsbury we will install a box into the car which transmits the digital radio signal through your factory installed FM radio.  We give you a separate remote control to select your digital radio stations and the stations name is displayed on your existing radio display. The volume is controlled by your normal volume control.  Its fab!

The cost of this can be as little as £10,000 for a new car or from just £230 including VAT for us to upgrade your existing radio.

So if you want to keep your car and move forward with technology and listen to digital radio when you want, we can upgrade it for you for a very affordable price.

Call now to find out more and to book your DAB radio installation!  0208 2000 995.

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