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Cheap is not always good value. (A true story)




Mr. Customer calls us and asks us for the labour charge to replace a set of brake pads. We give him the cost and his reply is he can get it done cheaper elsewhere. We try and explain our value to Mr. CustoCheap chickenmer but all he can see is that we are more expensive than someone else.

Mr. Customer goes somewhere else and has the brake pads replaced for a lower cost. On collecting his car he notices that a brake warning light is on. He returns to the mechanic who replaced the brake pads and is told that the job of replacing the brake pads has been done correctly and the reason why the brake warning light is on is due to an electrical problem that he is not responsible for.

Mr. Customer, now unhappy comes back to us and asks us to have a look at why the brake warning light is on. We investigate the problem and find that the procedure for replacing the brake pads has not been carried out correctly and the other mechanic had not reset the electronic callipers correctly (the part that squeezes the brake pads together) and caused physical damage.

Because the callipers have now been damaged the only solution is to replace them.

The cost of replacing the callipers is now hundreds of pounds more than our original quote.

The moral of the story is. Of course there is always a cheaper price out there but are you getting the same value?


The answer to this……………….probably not.

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