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  • Here at Russell Automotive Centre based in Kingsbury North London, as an award winning independent VW Audi specialist, we always aim to go above and beyond to offer the full range of car servicing, maintenance and repair for all our … Continued

  • 16Nov

    New E10 Fuel – Will your car be able to use it?

    Here at Russell Automotive Centre, London, we make sure that we are fully up to date on all aspects of the motor industry that could affect our customers. Here we look at the government’s announcement of plans to introduce a … Continued

  • Audi specialists Harrow Greater locality. If you live in Harrow and drive an Audi then we can help you save money the next time your car visits a garage.   We are the main dealer alternative as an Audi specialist Harrow. … Continued

  • 06Jan

    Diesel particulate filter (DPF) check now required as part of MOT test.

    For many years we have turned down requests by our customers to remove their DPF’s Diesel Particulate Filter. This may have lost us some work, and perhaps customers but we were sure at some point the DPF would be included … Continued

  • A new customer of ours came to us looking for a solution to a problem that another garage could not rectify. His problem was jumping out of first gear and a noise when driving. During his visit to another garage … Continued

  • Breaking news for Russell Automotive Centre; London’s Leading Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda Specialist is now proudly a Bentley Specialist too.       Being the only independent specialist in the South of England with the same up to date … Continued

  • High performance brakes that are fitted as standard to high performance Audi and VW’s need specialist care when being inspected, repaired and replaced. For example if you have a VW Touareg, Audi RS4, Audi RS6 or any other RS model you … Continued

  • Audi and VW air suspension systems give a great ride when they are operating correctly. Unfortunately they can cause a problem when they fail. A customer came to us to diagnose his Audi Allroad where his front suspension had completely … Continued

  • An increasingly common problem on 3.0 TDI engines is a fault relating to the inlet manifolds. The inlet manifolds, which are mostly hidden in the heart of the engine bay can become a problem.

  • We were asked to diagnose a Volkswagen Touareg that was intermittently becoming unpleasant to drive due to the automatic gearbox banging into gear when the gears were changed. We carried out lengthy diagnosis and road testing to confirm the fault. … Continued



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