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Car Sales at Russell Automotive Centre


Car Sales at Russell Automotive Centre.

Audi/VW toys at Russell Automotive Centre
Well not quite just yet, but if you need a toy car for your child or even a model car for yourself we can help.

Here at Russell Automotive Centre London’s Leading Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda Specialist, not only do we service repair, MOT and maintain real cars we can supply toys and model cars within the Audi and VW merchandise range.
We can also supply more grown up items like VW/Audi branded clothing, baby clothes and toys.
We can supply anything from an Audi watch to a VW cup or even GTI baby clothes.
Need a different present for an Audi or Volkswagen enthusiast then give us a call.
For more information, call Russell Automotive Centre on 0208 2000 995.

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  • One of the best independent garages I have come across. Will definitely continue the relationship. Thank you for the fantastic service. ”

    Abdul A - July 2013 London
  • I had a very complicated problem with my audi a3, in regards to a problem with the EGR valve. I felt that RussellautomotiveCentre customer experience was excellent...

    Hiran P- July 2013 London
  • Thanks to Russell Automotive Centre for fantastic service, honest advice, quality work and value for money.

    Graeme J - July 2013 London
  • Every motorist needs a trusting/reliable garage to turn to and I think I’ve found mine. I would recommend Russell Automotive Centre to any motorist.

    Maurice C - April 2013 London
  • Perfect service and professionalism from the staff at Russell Automotive Centre

    Angus C - March 2013 London