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AM IMI People Conference


Jane Russell speaks at the AM IMI People Conference

Our director Jane Russell was honoured to have been invited to join the discussion panel at AM IMI People Conference this month.
Jane was asked to be part of a discussion to explore diversity in the industry, tackling issues such as how to attract graduates and creating a working environment which appeals to women and employees who want a better work-life balance. Discussion took place as to whether the sector could adopt a more diverse approach.

Jane Russell at the AM IMI People Conference
Jane Russell discusses industry diversity with fellow panel

Jane felt slightly apprehensive as to what to expect but ended up really enjoying the Keynote session with her fellow panel; Shirley Young, Diana MacKinnon and David Collis.

Jane says; “It actually felt like a friendly chat among industry colleagues and under the fielding of Steve Nash we answered questions on diversity in the industry, how to attract graduates and how to appeal to women.

We were all in agreement that working as a collective we could make the industry an attractive one for graduates and people already in work to regard automotive roles as ones accessible and available to them.  Creating careers not jobs.”
Jane is passionate in her quest to educate women that the industry is not just for men and there are a plethora of roles available to them in which they can succeed and fly and that is the responsibility of all currently in the industry to portray this message too.

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